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Plantar Warts

Warts are harmless outgrowths on the skin caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. They grow on all body parts including face, fingers, feet, legs, hands, knees, inside your mouth, and on the genital and rectal areas.

Plantar warts are warts that appear on the bottom or soles of your feet as light brown bumps with tiny black dots in them.

All warts can spread from one person to another with skin contact. Warts may also spread by using towels or other personal items which have been used by a person with warts. Warts can bleed if picked or cut and can cause pain, especially plantar warts. 


Warts will be diagnosed by simple observation of the lesions. Your doctor may scrape the superficial layer of the wart and check for clotted blood vessels and at times a biopsy may be done.


Warts disappear naturally but may take months or even years to disappear. However, if the plantar warts are causing pain or spreading, they can be treated with different type of chemicals such as salicylic acid, liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts and also by laser treatment. Applying salicylic acid once or twice a day will help you to destroy the warts. If the warts do not heal then they may be removed surgically. Warts can be removed under either local or general anaesthetic in a day surgery or doctor's rooms.

Dr Ozcan prefers surgical removal of warts. This highly successful surgery can be done under either local anaesthesia in his rooms or general anaesthesia in a hospital. The patient is in minimal pain afterwards and the problem is sorted in one visit. The patient can bear weight immediately and can have multiple warts treated at the same time.

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