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Tendon/Ligament Pain

Incidence of tendinopathy is common in all walks of life, especially with higher participation in recreational sports. The incidence of foot injuries in the general population is 80%. The prevalence is also high among athletes. In runners, 40-50% of all injuries occur below the knee. In professional soccer players, the foot and the ankle are the most common sites of injury.

Tendon/Ligament Pain

While several foot and ankle tendons may be involved, the most frequently affected structures are:

  • The peroneal tendon
  • The tibialis posterior tendon
  • The Achilles tendon
  • The flexor hallucis longus

Intrinsic risk factors:

  • Mal-alignment as hyperpronation or femoral neck anteversion
  • Limb length discrepancy
  • Muscular imbalance
  • Muscular insufficiency

Tendon/Ligament Pain

Extrinsic risk factors:

  • Training errors regarding technique, intensity, distance and hill work
  • Training surfaces
  • Environmental conditions
  • Footwear and equipment

The first step for a complete functional recovery is to remove and correct any predisposing factor. Your podiatrist, sport physician, physiotherapist, osteopath and chiropractor will be the first line of practitioners to see. When the tendon pain is due to poor function, Dr Ozcan will be able to rectify it using a variety of surgical techniques. He will be guiding other practitioners on the correct methodology and timelines for return to activity, as he is also trained in the field of Sport Science and Exercise.

Tendon/Ligament Pain

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