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  • Bunions

    The medical Latin term for a bunion is Hallux (big toe) Abducto (big toe moving towards the 2nd toe) valgus (big toe rotates inward). It is characterised by a deformity of the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint with lateral deviation of the big toe.

  • Hammertoes
    Hammer Toes

    Hammertoe is a contracture (bending) of one or both joints of the second, third, fourth, or fifth (little) toes. This abnormal bending can put pressure on the toe when wearing shoes, causing problems to develop.

  • Painful Corns
    Painful Corns

    A corn is a circular area of thickened skin developed because of continuous friction or pressure. They usually develop on the soles of feet, or on the top or sides of toes, and appear as yellowish dead tissue surrounding an area of tenderness.

  • Morton's Neuroma Pain
    Morton's Neuroma Pain

    Morton’s neuroma refers to a nerve injury between the toes, usually the third and fourth toes, which causes pain and thickening of the nerve tissue. Compression or chronic irritation of this interdigital nerve is the main cause of Morton’s Neuroma.

  • Heel Spur Pain
    Heel Spur Pain

    Heel pain is usually caused by injury and inflammation to soft tissues and bones at the bottom of your heel. The cause of pain is plantar fasciitis, bone swelling with or without a heel spur, nerve impingement or all of the above. You may feel a sharp pain when pressure is applied to the area, such as when you stand up or when getting out of bed in the morning. After a while, the pain may become a dull ache.

  • Long and Short Toes
    Long And Short Toes

    This structural anomaly is often the cause of many functional pathologies. For example, it is often the long toes that end up with corns and hammer toe contractures.

  • Flat Feet
    Flat Feet

    The posterior tibial tendon serves as one of the major supporting structures of the foot, helping it to function while walking. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) is a condition caused by changes in the tendon.

  • Ingrown Toe Nail
    Ingrown Toe Nail

    An ingrown toenail is a common and painful condition of the toe. It occurs when the sides or corner of the nail grow inwards and penetrates the skin of the toe.

  • Warts

    Warts are harmless outgrowths on the skin caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. They grow on all body parts including face, fingers, feet, legs, hands, knees, inside your mouth, and on the genital and rectal areas.

  • Big Toe Joint Pain
    Big Toe Joint Pain

    Hallux rigidus is an arthritic condition characterized by stiffness and rigidity of the big toe. Arthritis of the foot commonly occurs at the big toe base.

  • Arch Pain
    Arch Pain

    Coming soon

  • Tendon/Ligament Pain
    Tendon/Ligament Pain

    Incidence of tendinopathy is common in all walks of life, especially with higher participation in recreational sports. The incidence of foot injuries in the general population is 80%. The prevalence is also high among athletes. In runners, 40-50% of all injuries occur below the knee. In professional soccer players, the foot and the ankle are the most common sites of injury.

  • Revision Of Failed Foot Surgery
    Revision Of Failed Foot Surgery

    Fracture and injury to the foot and ankle are some of the most common problems in traumatic injuries to the body. In certain cases, attempted treatments may not result in the desired outcome. Patients may continue to have pain, stiffness and difficulty with walking.

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