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Dr. Haydar Ozcan
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  • CPSM - Sydney Foot Surgery

Long and Short Toes

This structural anomaly is often the cause of many functional pathologies. For example, it is often the long toes that end up with corns and hammer toe contractures. Long big toes may be exposed to a high level of trauma from footwear and end up with pathologies such as hallux valgus, hammer toes, in-grown toenails and other nail disorders.

Dr Ozcan uses minimally invasive techniques to reduce pathological toe lengths. There are often no pins or screws involved with these procedures. If multiple toes and the forefoot (metatarsals) are involved, he may use short pins with bone grafts that will allow immediate weight-bearing and a faster return to activity.

Brachymetatarsia Image

Long and Short Toes – Before and After

  • Long and Short Toes
  • Long and Short Toes
  • Long and Short Toes
  • Long and Short Toes
  • Long and Short Toes
  • Long and Short Toes

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