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The Centre for Podiatric Surgery and Medicine (CPSM), also known as Sydney Foot Surgery, is a provider of podiatric foot and ankle surgery in Sydney, Australia. Dr Haydar Ozcan is the head surgeon of this organisation, which has been in practice since 2003. Our mission is to provide a comfortable and superior surgical experience for our patients. Our patients are thoroughly educated and informed in regard to their foot and ankle concerns and are presented with all the treatment options available to them.

Dr Ozcan offers expertise in both adult and juvenile bunions, neuromas, flat feet, hammer toes and osteoarthritis. He operates mostly in private hospitals within a surgical team including anaesthetists, surgical assistants and other nursing and hospital staff. They adhere strictly to the same hospital protocols as other surgical specialties. Patient care and safety is paramount and the surgical team works closely together to ensure each patient receives the highest quality care and respect with minimal to no pain during and after any surgical interventions.

CPSM also hosts educational workshops to podiatrists and other medical and paramedical specialists. These workshops are facilitated by a dedicated team of speakers and lecturers at various national and international events.

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Haydar B. Ozcan
Haydar B. Ozcan
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